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Kaʻohe &  Waiakahiula Ahupuaʻa -  Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Wao Kele o Puna (WKOP) is a culturally significant area of low-land rainforest in Puna, Hawai‘i Island. In 2006 OHA acquired 25,689 acres of WKOP as part of a joint effort initiated by the Pele Defense Fund and others to prevent geothermal development in this sacred forest. In 2015 Nohopapa began to work on the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) for WKOP with a number of other resource specialists and planners. Nohopapa conducted the ethnohistorical research, ethnographic interviews, and community surveys for the CMP as well as participated in the monthly Aha Kūkā meetings and huaka‘i. The CMP was completed in 2017 and it will guide the future management of WKOP. It embraces modern day science and proven best practices through a Native Hawaiian Cultural perspective. The CMP provides a culturally competent stewardship framework to protect, preserve, enhance and perpetuate the cultural and natural resources of WKOP for present and future generations. 

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