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Nohopapa Hawaiʻi provides a wide range of Hawaiian cultural resource management services to assist agencies, private land owners, and communities in protecting and restoring important wahi kūpuna (ancestral places) in order to re-establish loina kūpuna (cultural traditions). The term “noho papa” means to “reside in a place over the course of generations.” It is the mission of our organization to strengthen generational ties and time honored commitments between communities and their lands once again. Noho means to “become situated,” while papa can also mean “layers,” recognizing that in order to create healthy communities, they must be firmly situated within the rich layers of historical meaning of our Hawaiian places. It is a relationship between people and ʻāina that continually deepens as the knowledge is gained and people themselves become established as a foundation piece of the land.




The Nohopapa Hawaiʻi Logo design is a traditional concept called “pāhono” used as an ancient stamping print and also as a method of mending or repairing splits in objects.  The term pāhono can be understood to mean “collectively unifying” referring to an ancient ritual done during the ʻaha ceremonies by our illustrious chiefs to pull the people together in an effort to acquire mana from the ancestral gods. 


The design column utilizes both positive and negative space to create different dimensions of cultural meaning for our logo.  The positive space creates a distinct image of a vertical sequence that represents the moʻokūʻauhau (genealogy) and the inherent kuleana that goes with being from a particular place over generations. Genealogy is a core aspect of our company identity because we understand in order to know where we are going, we must know where and who we come from. 


The negative space creates the inverse image and layered meaning of the binding that occurs through wedges (pewa) across temporal dimensions of past, present, future. Balancing cultural integrity and modernity are central themes in the services we provide.  This unique logo demonstrates how we integrate the strengths of both the traditional Hawaiian and modern Western knowledge systems to bear on the work we do. 

To encourage and facilitate the process where one becomes noho papa in a place; to arrange, put in order
Aloha ʻĀina         
To have a deep and cherished love for the land which created and sustains us
To view our work as both a privilege and responsibility
To recognize,  appreciate, and encourage the preservation, perpetuation, and continuity of our wahi pana and lāhui
To honor and acknowledge the genealogies of both ʻāina and kānaka
To be humble, modest, unassuming, unobtrusive, and maintain humility
To be alert, vigilant, watchful, and wide awake in our hana
ʻIke Pono           
To recognize, feel, and understand righteousness, properness  and goodness in all we do

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