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Palauea Ahupuaʻa, Maui  -  Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The Palauea Cultural Preserve is a living cultural site in the ahupua‘a of Palauea, Honuaʻula, Maui. Palauea is significant as one of the few remaining intact cultural sites in the area. Historically, this property was the site of a Hawaiian fishing village and remnants of such activity can be found throughout the Preserve today. In 2013, OHA acquired the 20.735-acre Cultural Preserve in an effort to: (1) Protect and preserve known significant cultural sites; (2) enable stewardship that integrates the Native Hawaiian Community; and (3) to work with the University of Hawaiʻi Maui Campus to steward the Preserve. 


Nohopapa is working with OHA to develop a culturally appropriate and community driven Preservation Plan for the long term stewardship of the site. This Preservation Plan provides a wealth of historical land research and community ‘ike to form the foundation and framework to begin active management of Palauea on a community scale. This study provides new information about Palauea and Honuaʻula that local schools can utilize as curriculum and that the communities of Maui can access to learn more about the rich history, culture, and ʻāina of Honua‘ula.  

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