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A Cultural Impact Assessment to Inform an Environmental Assessment for Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §343 and National Environmental Protection Act Environmental Review for the U.S. Coast Guard Station Expansion Project, Mā‘alaea Harbor Waikapū Ahupua‘a, Wailuku Moku, Maui Mokupuni, Tax Map Key (TMK):[2] 3-8:014:028

Waikapū Ahupuaʻa, Maui  -  SSFM International 

At the request of SSFM International, Nohopapa Hawaiʻi, LLC, completed this Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) for the U.S. Coast Guard Station (Maui) expansion at Māʻalaea Harbor, Waikapū Ahupuaʻa, Wailuku Moku, Maui Mokupuni (TMK: [2] 3-8-014:028). The Williams Opportunity Trust is listed as the Fee Owner of the land parcel, and the The State of Hawaiʻi’s Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR), a State agency, is listed as the Leasee of the 0.67 acre project area (County of Maui 2023). 

The proposed project includes the expansion of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Station via construction, and long-term operation of a new three-story facility, parking lot, and security fence on DOBOR-leased land owned by the Williams Opportunity Trust. The new three-story facility, parking lot, and security fence would be installed in the remaining 7,982 square feet in the portion of a DOBOR site located in near proximity from the existing station. Integral command, ordinance, and land operation facilities would be housed in the new facility able to meet 30-foot inside clear zone requirements per the USCG Physical Security and Force Protection. The first story would consist of Boat Maintenance Facilities and storage of gear necessary for rapid mission response. The second story would consist of administrative spaces and training space for day-today operations. The third story would consist of berthing space, a kitchen, and recreational space. The third story would be reduced in size and the building would be sited on the southern end of the site to preserve views to the extent possible. Parking spaces would be provided on the northern portion of the property and a security fence would be installed around the entire property.

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