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At the request of Papa Ola Lōkahi, Nohopapa Hawai‘i, LLC undertook this Wahi Hoʻōla Inventory of Kona, Oʻahu. The overall goal of this project was to develop an inventory of wahi hoʻōla or “healing spaces” for Kona moku, Oʻahu; with this initial research laying the kahua, or foundation, for future work. In addition to the Inventory, Nohopapa looked at specific focus sites within the Kona moku. These sites include Kaʻieʻie in Kalihi, Keʻehi/Mokauea Fishery in Kalihi, Kunawai Spring in Nuʻuanu, Kumulae Spring in Waikīkī, Mauʻoki Spring and Heiau in Waikīkī, and Kapaemāhū in Waikīkī. 

Kona Moku, Oʻahu  -  Papa Ola Lokahi 

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